Frequently Asked Questions

I want a divorce and do not believe I need an attorney. Why shouldn't I just download the forms from the internet and handle this issue myself?

If you have only been married for a couple of months or years and have no children, no property, and no money or assets, you probably can do just that. If, however, you have children and/or property, money or assets, and if you have read the above listed questions (which is just a short list of the many problems that can occur) you should seek legal assistance and not be penny wise and pound foolish. The legal process is very complicated, even with the "correct downloaded forms". The majority of knowledgeable family attonreys do not use "downloaded, boilerplate" forms. They draft their own motions and pleadings to the custom needs of the individual case, following the parameters of the forms. In representing yourself, any errors made could be considerably more costly to correct than hiring the professional to start with. Remember these infamous words, "only a fool has himself for a client"."