Child Relocation

West Palm Beach Child Relocation Attorneys

When requesting or contesting attempts at moving children out of the state of Florida after a contested divorce, the assistance of an experienced high net worth divorce attorney is essential.

At the Law Offices of Robert M.W. Shalhoub, P.A., in West Palm Beach, clients involved in high-asset divorces can receive solid guidance and sound support that gets positive results when attempts are made to relocate a child shared by divorced parents.

Mr. Shalhoub excels at mediation, negotiation or litigation of any family law matter. He is ranked in the top tier of lawyers in his field by Martindale-Hubbell and Super Lawyers. He is listed in the top 5 percent of Law and Leading Attorneys in Florida and since 1992 has been named annually in Who's Who in American Law.

Relocation of a child can be sought in family court for a variety of reasons: a primary custodial parent's decision to remarry, business or military transfer, specialized health care available only in another state, or job-seeking in another state after a job in Florida has been lost.

A parent's request for relocation of a child, either domestically or internationally, can be contested, negotiated or litigated if necessary. Robert M.W. Shalhoub can recommend a number of creative approaches to sustain communications between family members who are separated by personal or economic necessity. The driving force behind his sound counsel for any child access issue is "the best interest of the child."

Palm Beach County Parent Relocation Lawyer

West Palm Beach child relocation lawyer Robert M.W. Shalhoub listens to clients' goals during an initial consultation, discussed in detail and conducted in complete confidence. Contact his law offices by phone or email message.