Frequently Asked Questions

I need an aggressive attorney who will stand up for my rights and take charge. I read on your website that you are caring, etc.. Can you be aggressive?

Many people request an "aggressive" attorney. While we can be and certainly are (when necessary) "aggressive", we will always represent your legal interests diligently, always aware of the costs and emotional levels involved. An opposing attorney can set various motions and hearings on a regular basis, many of which could be unnecessary, all while acting within the law. This will ultimately cause much more acrimony and chaos during the divorce process and add to the legal expenses. Each time an attorney prepares or responds to a document, attends a hearing, etc., they are billing hourly. HOWEVER, having said that, when the opposition is behaving badly or improperly, this firm will do everything within its power to cause that behavior to immediately stop, including but not limited to seeking the appropriate remedies through the courts, including extra attorney's fees to be paid by the opposing party.